Manufacturing and commercialisation of pneumatic and oil hydraulic systems for industrial supplies.

We design, manufacture, commercialisation and distribution of the equipment.

Pneumatic and oil hydraulic projects for naval and industrial installations.

Sale of pneumatic and oil hydraulic equipment.

Advisory and technical service.

Fluid System

Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment specialists.

We offer a full service regarding hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, performing customised projects which include engineering, assembly and technical service.
We study and perform each project in an individualised manner, providing solutions to the needs of each client.


We carry out the design, manufacture, assembly and start-up of your projects.

Commercial Distribution

We are official dealers of top brands.

Project subsidised by

Ongoing virtual reality projects to design modular process plants for chemical and petrochemical industries, file IDE/2014/000757.


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Asturias [Spain]


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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Specialists